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Sarah Smile


Now there are two polls out showing that Barack’s bounce is gone. Earlier Sunday afternoon, the Zogby poll gave McCain a 2 point lead, and now the CNN/Opinion Research poll, released Sunday evening, confirms that Barack’s ride was a short one. With a survey of voters taken Friday through today, the results show that 49 […]

John McCain’s convention being blown out by a hurricane could be a disaster for his candidacy. Prediction: I think the storm coinciding with the Republican Convention will ultimately lead to an advantage for John McCain. Warning to Michael Moore (and other McCain haters): Be careful what you wish for. “I was just thinking, this Gustav […]



Almost everyone I’ve spoken with who isn’t rooting for Barack is thrilled with the VP choice of Sarah Palin. Now the polls are proving the brilliance of the move. First, the new Zogby poll, begun on Friday after Palin was named and finished this morning, shows McCain leading by 2%. McCain/Palin at 47%, compared to […]

Finally, analysis of the Palin selection that shows some insight.

It’s what they call a nervous laugh. Asked at a press conference Saturday night to respond to McCain’s argument that Palin has more executive experience than the Democratic ticket, Obama and Biden laughed. Obama gets this totally wrong! “I think you guys can take a look at Gov. Palin’s record, Joe Biden’s record and make […]

How Dare They!


How can those who are supposed to be savvy about politics argue that McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin takes experience off the table as an argument against Barack? Here’s the interesting tactical reality – Sarah Palin is brilliant as a choice for VP because she puts experience on the table. Let the whole country start […]

Hitting a Girl


After having messed up on its initial response to the choice of Sarah Palin, Barack’s folks are treading more lightly now, still off-balance from the surprise. Their first ad responding to her selection doesn’t mention her – it just laments that he’s still the same old John McCain.

Have you ever seen the real Barack Obama in action? I don’t mean the candidate Barack Obama, who says he’s going to bring us a new Washington but can point to no actions that would indicated this is going to part of his future. I mean someone who has actually lived the ideal that Barack […]

The Gallup Daily Tracking Poll confirms the results of the Rasmussen tracker – while Barack got a bump of several points from the Bill and Hillary Clinton days of the convention, day four, featuring The Messiah himself, brought him no increase in support. Barack Obama maintains an eight percentage point lead over John McCain when […]

The Barack Speech surge didn’t happen according to the Rasmussen poll. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday is the first to include reaction to both Barack Obama’s acceptance speech and John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin to be his running mate. The numbers are little changed since yesterday and show Barack Obama […]

Since when did knowing the VP in advance of her selection become important? Liberals are all a twitter. John McCain first met Palin in February of this year and had a telephone conversation with her. That is the full extent of his familiarity with Palin until he spent time with her last week. That’s how […]

Fair Reviews


What do moms at the state fair have to say about their Governor Palin being selected by John McCain? Since the hope is, clearly, that Palin will keep angry female voters from settling for Barack, their feedback could be enlightening.

John McCain fooled almost everyone. And the media doesn’t like it. Could the wonderful storyline of Sarah Palin be damaged by reporters and pundits who don’t like being made to look bad? The AP isn’t happy: In two short years, Sarah Palin moved from small-town mayor with a taste for mooseburgers to the governor’s office […]

Will McCain get his bounce sharing the headlines with Gustav? There is no question that Gustav will be a destructive hurricane by the time it reaches the U.S. Gulf Coast early next week. The question remains, will Hanna bring more destruction by late next week? The specter of Gustav and the danger it poses to […]

Barack got a nice bump out of the convention. How long it survives Sarah Palin will be fun to watch. The Gallup Poll shows Barack up 8 points, and Rasmussen, the more reliable of the two, gives Obama a 4 point lead. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Barack Obama attracting […]

Will Sarah Palin be a tough opponent to hit? John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate presents the Obama-Biden campaign with an unwelcome and unexpected challenge: How do you go after a 44-year-old mother of five without once alienating the female voters you’ve just spent the last week trying to win back? […]