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Why isn’t Barack getting any traction? There are lots of reasons, but if you’ve been getting your news from the mainstream media, you’re probably surprised by the tight race. After all, they’ve created the distinct impression that Barack is a shoe-in, haven’t they? That the election is over? Let’s look inside the polls a bit […]

The One


The McCain Campaign has issued a new online ad mocking Barack, this time focusing on the perception that he’s high on himself. Called “The One,” it’s not all that clever, but it does make a point that, over time, could come to haunt the Chosen One.

The Obama campaign saw the numbers, and caved. With the World Tour having failed to deliver a boost, poll numbers have dropped back to an even race with John McCain. Barack’s strategy? Abandon another position. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Friday he would be willing to support limited additional offshore oil drilling if that’s […]

With good reason, the mumblings have begun in Democratic circles – What’s wrong with Barack? But a number of Democrats, including advisers to the Obama campaign, are worried that the Democratic party’s overall electoral advantage this year has not yet translated into comfortable leads for Mr Obama. The race is now tied. But the signs […]