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Running Mate


No quick decisions on a running mate are pending for Barack. Obama officials say privately it is unlikely a running mate will be selectedbefore the candidate returns from a week’s holiday in Hawaii, which starts thisFriday. That leaves about 10 days until the start of the Democratic partyconvention in Denver. And we’re unlikely to hear […]

Celebrity Redux


The McCain Campaign has a new spot, again asking if a guy who is nothing but a celebrity is the right guy to make president.

Dick Morris mentioned recently that one of the biggest mistakes the Obama campaign has made was not realizing earlier the importance of controlling Michelle. She is on the record as having a negative attitude towards this country, providing a very damaging confirmation of Barack’s long connection to radicals. A relatively unexplored foundational member of the […]

Despite attempts to portray himself as the little money guy, Barack will bring in more special interest, high roller money than any candidate ever. …records show that one-third of his record-breaking haul has come from donations of $1,000 or more: a total of $112 million, more than Senator John McCain, Mr. Obama’s Republican rival, or […]

Paris Rebuts


Paris Hilton has responded to John McCain’s use of her image in a TV commercial last week. Does this video, designed to refute her airhead image, reveal an interest in seeking elective office? The response video was produced by Director Adam McKay who explains I was literally in my car and thought Paris must respond. […]