Running Mate


No quick decisions on a running mate are pending for Barack.

Obama officials say privately it is unlikely a running mate will be selected
before the candidate returns from a week’s holiday in Hawaii, which starts this
Friday. That leaves about 10 days until the start of the Democratic party
convention in Denver.

And we’re unlikely to hear about it in advance.

In spite of ever more feverish speculation about who Mr Obama is likely to
choose – Hillary Clinton having made a comeback in the past few days – the
decision is unlikely to be leaked.

No one will know outside of a small circle of friends.

In addition to Michelle Obama, the candidate’s inner circle consists of
just three people: David Axelrod, his senior strategist, David Plouffe, his
campaign manager, and Robert Gibbs, a senior adviser.

Is Barack telling the truth about his VP short list being based on who would best serve the country? Not according to campaign insiders.

Each is deemed capable of helping to neutralise one or more of Mr Obama’s
perceived weaknesses: inexperience, lack of national security credentials, the
perception that he is aloof and his poor record of winning over blue-collar
voters in swing states of the rust belt.

Are you surprised?

All are evaluated principally on their ability to help Mr Obama win in
November, as opposed to the contributions they might make to an

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