Polls – Little Change


McCain has failed to take the lead, but the lead that Barack hangs on to remains negligible according to the latest polls. As Obama heads off for a week’s vacation tomorrow in advance of the Democratic convention, McCain has 10 days or so to finalize his summer defining on Barack before prime time TV and VP choices take center stage and kick off the fall campaign.

Gallup continues to show a 3 point Barack lead, and Rasmussen remains at 1%. But the fight for independent voters may not be settled for some time.

If the race for the White House remains close, the final decision may be rest in the hands of voters who are not yet paying attention to the campaign.

Rasmussen asks people to grade their attention to the campaign on a 1 to 9 scale, a 9 indicating that they watch things develop on a daily basis. Independents aren’t paying all that much attention yet.

Forty-two percent (42%) of McCain supporters say they’re following the race on a daily basis along with 39% of Obama supporters and 35% of those who will vote for a third-party candidate. However, among the undecided voters, just 19% say they’re paying that much attention. On that nine-point scale, most undecided voters say their interest in the campaign is a “6” or less.


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