Just Words?


One of Barack’s vulnerabilities as a candidate is that he is no longer the change agent he promised to be in primary season. He’s a whole new candidate, one who can be compared with the Clintons in terms of his willingness to do anything to win. McCain is wise to acknowledge this.

John McCain accused his Democratic rival of misleading the public Thursday, repeatedly referring to Obama’s “words” as empty and misleading when it comes to energy and the economy.

The guy who once respected the power of words to motivate and unite now parses them to manipulate and trick.

“The bottom line is that Senator Obama’s words, for all their eloquence and passion, don’t mean all that much. And that’s the problem in our nation’s capital today. It is not just the Bush Administration, and it’s not just the Democratic Congress,” McCain told more than 600 potential voters at a town hall meeting in central Ohio.

That’s entirely accurate.

“Washington is full of talented talkers, my friends. And unfortunately, on issues big and small, what Senator Obama says and what he does are often two different things.”

In other words, the guy who was going to change Washington has become the symbol of business as usual.

One Response to “Just Words?”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Although I am not a big proponent of John McCain, I’ll vote for him over the over-exposed, change-my-mind-every day, silly proposals Obama. God, politics is sickening. What a waste of money on this never-ending campaign. The Senate seats for both candidates should not exist, since they are not fulfillng those duties. It certainly makes one wonder how neccessary some of the positions are, doesn’t it?

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