I Have a Wife


Why is the Obama campaign doing this?

Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign announced yesterday that his wife, Michelle, will be the star attraction on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, Aug. 25 in Denver.

It strikes me as a mistake. Michelle comes across as strident – a black activist, not an American political wife who happens to be black.

Two of the dates will be rich with symbolism: Clinton, who came closer than any woman in history to winning a major party nomination for president, will speak on the 88th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote, and Obama will give his acceptance speech on the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Do Americans want a party on a barrier breaking mission, or do they want to see leaders prepared to attend to the nation’s business? And who benefits from a Clinton overdose?

The New York Daily News reported that Clinton has raised the idea of being introduced by her daughter, Chelsea, which would make the convention truly a family affair. Former president Bill Clinton is scheduled to address the delegates on Wednesday night.

Okay – so Democrats want to calm women who are upset still over Hillary losing the nomination to Barack’s lies on the war, but what’s Bill doing there? The timing is amusing – to have him speaking at a time when John Edwards has put sexual escapades back in the news.

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