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Is Barack’s response to Russia’s invasion of Georgia – consisting of mushy, internationalist platitudes – something that will turn from a benign attempt to look presidential into a campaign liability? Perhaps so, when contrasted with McCain’s more forceful and specific action oriented comments on Friday. On the other hand, McCain’s people weren’t smart enough to […]

“For decades, he’s been Washington’s biggest celebrity. John McCain,” the new Obama ad says as McCain hugs Bush. “And as Washington embraced him, John McCain hugged right back.” Barack’s new attack ad answers McCain’s celebrity theme by calling McCain a Washington celebrity, and linking that celebrity to business as usual. Effective?

You’re going to enjoy this. Has America changed enough to make the star of this video President? I’m not talking about race, I’m talking about the dancing.

Penn Knew


Why management skills matter. Mark Penn, the top campaign strategist for Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s campaign, advised her to portray Barack Obama as having a “limited” connection “to basic American values and culture,” according to a forthcoming article in The Atlantic. I often wondered why, despite the obvious need to proceed with caution, Hillary didn’t go […]