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Fan Club


The McCain campaign isn’t calming any on the “Celebrity” theme. The latest web ad is called “Fan Club.”

Ban the Media!


Are most Americans conscious of liberal bias in the media? Oh yes. …49% believe most reporters are trying to help Barack Obama win the election this year. Just 14% believe they’re trying to help McCain. Do Americans get that the influence of money is a huge problem? Yup. But it’s not as bad as media […]

Drilled on Oil


Nancy Pelosi is joining Barack in caving in on offshore drilling. “There are things that Congress can do” to alleviate the energy crisis, Pelosisaid, “but the Republicans and the president have resisted. Instead, they havethis thing that says drill offshore in the protected areas. Well, we can dothat. We can have a vote on that. […]

Can Evan Bayh be seriously considered as Barack’s running mate? Considering that Bayh voted in favor of war with Iraq, it would seem unlikely. Mr. Bayh, a cautious Indiana Democrat, acknowledged it had not been an easydecision. “There is reluctance in my heart, as I know there is in the other senators, to contemplate the […]