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Work to Swoon


My friend Kevin Whalen, proprietor of the blog Pundit Review, is all bent out of shape over Barack’s work-to-swoon program in Denver. Want see Barack Obama’s big speech in Denver? For the privilege, his campaign is asking for six hours of volunteer work…to even be considered for admission. And then and only then, just maybe, […]



Look at how voters view the candidates on the major issues as revealed in the latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll. Barack leads significantly only on the environment and healthcare, while McCain leads bigtime on national security, the war in Iraq, immigration, taxes and abortion. Barack is trusted more only on 4 of these 14 major […]

The more voters get to know Barack, the less impressed they are. Or, perhaps that’s backwards – maybe it’s just that the more they get to know John McCain, the more impressed they are. …the Arizona senator has made gains on his leadership image. An even greater percentage of voters than in June now see […]

All Georgians


John McCain continues to capitalize on events in Georgia. McCain considers himself a close friend and fervent supporter of Saakashvili and Georgia, and has taken a hard line against Russia since hostilities between the two countries began last week. He told a town hall meeting here today that Russia’s aggression had ominous implications. Even as […]