Work to Swoon


My friend Kevin Whalen, proprietor of the blog Pundit Review, is all bent out of shape over Barack’s work-to-swoon program in Denver.

Want see Barack Obama’s big speech in Denver? For the privilege, his campaign is asking for six hours of volunteer work…to even be considered for admission. And then and only then, just maybe, they’ll let you in to see the Savior.

Six hours of forced labor for the opportunity to see Obama in the flesh? That’s change Stalin could believe in.

It just strikes me as further confirmation that we are, in fact, a nation of whiners.

“My whole reason why I’m so mad about it is because Democrats need to act like Democrats,” said Heather Kreider, a working mother from Centennial.

“Democrats work for a living, and they have to work and take care of their families. And they say these are open to those in the community, so they shouldn’t ask people to drop everything in their lives for this,” Kreider said Tuesday.

“It’s not fair. It’s elitist. And they need to practice what they’re preaching,” she added.

Kevin and Heather both seem to be missing the point. First, Kevin, no one over the age of 21 will be attending Barack’s pep rally. Anyone having dealings with college students knows that they’d best be worn down a bit before packing 70,000 of them into quarters tighter than a dorm room, so six hours of volunteer work isn’t a bad idea for a campaign wishing to put off post-speech news coverage of street fights, public urination and sidewalk sex until November 4, at least.

Second, Heather has to realize that Barack is an elitist. Now that she can see it for herself it might be a good idea for her to move on to a candidate who is a better match for her tastes.

People asked to volunteer are those in line for “all star” tickets that will put them closer to the stage and are being contacted first, said Stephanie Mueller, campaign spokeswoman.

She also has to remember that if she’s a woman of color, she won’t be allowed to sit close enough to Obama to see him lest she wind up inconveniently in “the shot,” so she might as well stay home and watch her own big screen in the comfort of her own home.

Doing the volunteer work only makes someone eligible for a ticket and doesn’t guarantee one, according to the phone message from the campaign.

Supporters should be proud of this, as it demonstrates Barack’s brilliance at branding. After all, he is the candidate of the bait and switch.

Matt Chandler, a spokesman for the Obama campaign, said the only people who were asked to volunteer were those who said on their applications that they were willing to do the work… But Kreider said she is certain she didn’t hit the “volunteer” box on the online application.

What’s one more trick played on the ideologues who, after having been conned into giving him the nomination because he was the anti-war candidate, got an Iraq enema courtesy of Barack. Now, they can sweep some floors and then grovel in awe as The Messiah gives them a broom stick chaser. Think of it as “health care for all,” Obama style.

Still, Kreider got a message telling her that she had to do six hours of volunteer work by Friday if she wanted a chance at a ticket. Kreider said she will not do the work.

“Absolutely not,” she said. “Now it’s pure principal. I was a Hillary Clinton supporter, and this is literally my first touch with the Obama campaign. And it’s just disappointing.”

Principal? Now Heather, that’s not a good thing to bring along to a party hosted by Barack Obama. Or the Democratic National Committee for that matter.


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