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Jerome Corsi


Corsi’s new book hits the market, and the charts, at number 1 this week. Todd interviews Jerome about the book, and about the scariest aspects of Barack, on WRKO in Boston.

Barack’s new Olympic commercial. A pitch that doesn’t mention John McCain. While this sort of benign, feel good ad covers the issues in a manner that warms the hearts of those who bemoan the “ugliness,” and “silliness,” of so-called attack ads, I fail to see how this clarifies much of anthing. It’s just a bunch […]

Will Colin Powell endorse Barack? Speak, perhaps, at the convention? Fox News commentator Bill Kristol says that’s what he hears from inside the Obama campaign. “He may well give a speech at the Democratic convention explaining hisendorsement of Obama,” Kristol, a FOX News contributor, said, citing insidesources. Powell says it’s not true. “I do not […]

Economy Ad


A well-done new ad for Barack. Not responding to McCain’s celebrity theme directly, but sidestepping it and looking serious on the economy. Smart. ABC’s Jake Tapper nitpicks the ad: There’s some pretty iffy stuff in there — Obama has voted to send tens ofbillions to Iraq, too, though quite obviously he has also voted against […]

John Kerry for Vice President? A top aide to U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) during her presidential run this year said Tuesday night that U.S. Sen. John Kerry has been vetted to be presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s running mate. Now there’s an idea for how Barack can shake the “elitist” rap. Howard Wolfson, who […]