Rollin’ with Colin


Will Colin Powell endorse Barack? Speak, perhaps, at the convention? Fox News commentator Bill Kristol says that’s what he hears from inside the Obama campaign.

“He may well give a speech at the Democratic convention explaining his
endorsement of Obama,” Kristol, a FOX News contributor, said, citing inside

Powell says it’s not true.

“I do not have time to waste on Bill Kristol’s musings,” Powell told ABC News.
“I am not going to the convention. I have made this clear.”

Clear to whom?

Kristol said sources told him Powell will “quite possibly” speak at the
Democratic convention on the same night as Obama’s vice-presidential selection
and former President Bill Clinton. “The Obama people are quietly trying to
line up a pretty strong convention,” Kristol said. “I think the Obama campaign
shouldn’t be underestimated. Obviously anyone would like to have Powell’s

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