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Has Barack’s convention been kidnapped by the Clintons? CNN’s Jack Cafferty says yes. The Democratic National Convention is shaping into quite some party for Hillary Clinton. Her name will be placed into nomination. She’ll give a prime-time address, introduced by her daughter Chelsea. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, will get his own plum speaking […]



The Gallup tracking poll has gone from a 6 point lead for Obama to a tie over the past two days. PRINCETON, NJ — If the election were held today, registered voters would be equally likely to vote for John McCain (44%) or Barack Obama (44%), according to the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update. […]

Tax Man


McCain’s new ad, called Tax Man, focuses on Barack’s economic plan. Notice how they use the crowd again, and the chants of Obama, to turn Barack’s excitement quotient into a negative by linking it to the superficial, celebrity aspect of Barack’s support. The spot opens with a criticism of Obama that has become a refrain […]

The more folks get to know Barack, the less they like him. Nate Silver notes that “three new polls released today show significant movementtoward John McCain.” The assumptions of the Obama campaign, that they can win by focusing in on John Kerry’s electoral college results and swinging a few states his way by being a […]

Pelosi Talks


What exactly is Nancy Pelosi talking about? Such silliness. Thanks to Cooksey at Flowers and Cages for grabbing the sound.