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When the truth is found to be lies The Italian edition of Vanity Fair said that it had found George Hussein Onyango Obama living in a hut in a ramshackle town of Huruma on the outskirts of Nairobi. and all the joy within you dies Mr Obama, 26, the youngest of the presidential candidate’s half-brothers, […]

I have to admit it – I’m a cynic, and I never really believed that Democrats were the more compassionate of our political parties. But now there’s proof! The City of Denver has been working to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for all the visitors coming to town for the Democratic National Convention, […]

Bump Part II


What sort of Bump should Barack get from the convention? And should it be equaled by McCain after the GOP convention? Newsweek gets answers on how to view the stagnant polls from Tom Holbrook, professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and author of “Do Campaigns Matter?” Here are some highlights. So you’d […]

The Bump


Were all media attention not about to swing to Obama for the next week or so, some might be starting to ask – “where’s McCain’s lead?” After all, he’s been kicking the crap out of Barack for almost a month, yet all he’s been able to do is keep it about even. This surprises me […]

Obama’s on the low-road. But he’s doing it low profile. Mr. Obama has begun the drive with little fanfare, often eschewing the modern campaign technique of unveiling new spots for the news media before they run in an effort to win added (free) attention. Mr. Obama, whose candidacy has been built in part on a […]

Some advice, from recent history, for Barack on his VP pick – as with everything in your campaign, do the opposite of John Kerry. This is an excerpt from Bob Shrum’s book about John Kerry making his choice for vice president. Kerry talked with several potential picks, including Gephardt and Edwards. He was comfortable after […]

VP Buzz


The announcement of Barack’s VP is expected in the next couple of days now that AP has confirmed yesterday’s buzz that the person selected (Biden? Or Bayh?) will appear with Obama this weekend. Barack Obama and his newly named running mate will campaign together Saturday at the place where the Democratic presidential hopeful formally launched […]

One of the intriguing subplots of the fall campaign, to be explored when the 527’s start exposing Barack’s dirty secrets, will be his connection to former terrorist Bill Ayers. But the pursuit of the truth won’t be easy. Stanley Kurtz suspects that the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is playing down his ties to the […]