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Keywords. The McCain campaign is programmed to respond to them. Barack is attacking McCain for his bizarre response to a question on how many homes he owns, and McCain said he’d have to check with his staff. So McCain is attacking Barack back on the keyword homes – Barack has his own vulnerability to the […]

Hawaiian Punch


When the vote is held in November and a shocked world tries to figure out what happened to The Messiah, and how it came to pass that he was crucified at the polls, fingers will point to the Hawaii vacation as a turning point. Perhaps that will be accurate. Taking a week out to vacation […]

Barack is falling back into bigotry as a way to try to slow down McCain’s climb into dominance over this election. The script says: “when asked how many houses he owns, he lost track, he couldn’t remember.” There goes Obama – again suggesting that somehow that, since he’s lived a couple of decades more than […]

Real Clear Fear


How’s Barack looking to his media fans today, two and a half months after disposing of Hillary? Consider these columns, posted today at Real Clear Politics. Joan Venocchi in the Boston Globe says: John McCain used the summer well. The Republican raised enough doubt aboutObama’s judgment and ability to relate to average citizens to keep […]