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Hillary No.


Remember all those nice things Barack was saying about Hillary – about how she made him a better candidate, and how she’d be on anyone’s short list for potential VP’s? It seems he meant anybody’s but his. “She was never vetted,” a Democratic official reported. “She was not asked for a single piece of paper. […]

Throwing Stones


If too many houses becomes a liability for McCain, then Romney will be out as a VP choice, if he isn’t already. Romney, like McCain, owns an abundance of houses. According to news reports, the former governor of Massachusetts has at least four properties in his portfolio. While the McCains reportedly are weighed down with […]

Shooting Star


At this pace, the media obsession with Barack will have folks burned out on this shooting star very soon. Another week, another magazine cover devoted to Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Many bloggers vented their ire at Time magazine this week for publishing its seventh cover story on Obama in 2008 compared to only two […]

In case there’s an Edwards surprise, here’s my post on the Texas congressman when Nancy Pelosi first floated his name as a potential VP three weeks ago. THE TEXAS OPTIONReports this weekend indicate there’s an unnoticed contender to be Barack’s VP pick – Congressman Chet Edwards of Texas. Edwards, 56, has been pushed by House […]



The two daily tracking polls, Rasmussen and Gallup, have Obama up just one point today. Barack Obama and John McCain have been within one or two points of each other every day since Obama’s Berlin bounce faded nearly a month ago. Here are a couple of important points on assessing the race from Gallup. 5. […]

Do past abortion statements offer clarity where Barack seeks vagueness? Barack doesn’t mention abortion on the Issues covered at his website, so folks are left to guess, and parse, his words.

Ayers Airs


The days of viewing Barack Obama as the return of Camelot, if not already winding down, should start to do so rapidly now that convention season is here and 527 groups are starting to do their work. One such independent group, called the American Issues Project, is already offering an exploration of one Obamafia star, […]

All indications are that Barack has selected Joe Biden to be his running mate. Andrea Mitchell said on Today this morning that things are busy at Biden’s Delaware home where family is gathering, a scene not reproduced at the homes of others rumored to be under consideration. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports that one of Biden’s […]

Game Changer?


There are only two explanations. Either the campaign has fallen apart, or it has orchestrated what it thinks will be a dramatic enough choice for vice president that it will create an explosion of media excitement – a buzz that will compensate having wasted a week of coverage before announcing Barack’s vice presidential pick. Sen. […]