Throwing Stones


If too many houses becomes a liability for McCain, then Romney will be out as a VP choice, if he isn’t already.

Romney, like McCain, owns an abundance of houses. According to news reports, the former governor of Massachusetts has at least four properties in his portfolio.

While the McCains reportedly are weighed down with 7 condos, none are owned personally, we’re told, by McCain, so his lack of awareness is understandable, even if his reaction to the inquiry isn’t.

There is his primary residence in Massachusetts, a ski lodge in Utah, a lake front house in New Hampshire (described by USA Today as “an 11-acre estate valued at more than $10 million on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee”) and a La Jolla beachfront home in California.

While McCain should be able to shrug off such a controversy, accusations of being rich and out of touch would stick to Romney like illegal aliens to his Belmont, Massachusetts front lawn. His California place,

according to Politico, is worth $12 million, has five bathrooms, and contains “direct access to sand beach, a quiet cul-de-sac location, spacious oceanfront deck, numerous patio areas with manicured lawns and mature landscaping, lap pool and spa.”

People can live with politicians being rich, since when choosing the lesser of two evils voters are generally choosing between the lesser of two millionaires. But one shouldn’t reek of being rich, and Romney does.

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