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Sigmund Rules


Freud Strikes Again! And, as usual, Sigmund has a point. Imagine how strong the Democrats would be right now were this ticket turned around, with Biden on top – and Barack Obama, sans experience, was the VP choice. That would be a ticket that could win. Here’s the long version of Barack’s introduction of Biden […]



Not very convincing.

Do No Harm


Barack’s choice of Biden is a tacit admission, as we’ve discussed here before, that Obama lacks the qualifications to be President, and, more importantly, that reality has become a concrete impediment to a victory in November. But does the pick pass the most important test? The main rule in veep-picking is this: First, do no […]

McCain already has the Biden ad in circulation.

It’s Biden


The text message came in at 3:27 THIS MORNING! Is that when they finally decided on Joe Biden – perhaps over a game of poker, passing a bottle of scotch in a smoke filled room? Barack saying, “of all the gin joints in all the world, we had to decide in this one?” Barack has […]