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Rendell Rage


Is the healing complete between Hillary’s camp and Obama? It doesn’t seem to be. Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell was supposed to give “closing remarks” during this afternoon’s Shorenstein Center-sponsored panel discussion with all three Sunday show moderators — NBC’s Tom Brokaw, ABC’s George Stephanopoulous and CBS’s Bob Schieffer — but instead, he opened up a […]

Saddam Biden


Biden explains his belief that Saddam had to go.



It is convention eve, and the latest Gallup tracking poll shows the presidential race as a tie. PRINCETON, NJ — The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update finds a precise tie between John McCain and Barack Obama, with 45% of nationwide registered voters currently supporting each candidate for president. The initial polling results on Joe […]

Brother George


I’ve been negligent in my attention to George Obama, half brother to Barack. But we’ll be getting into it. But this clip is about another half-brother, who I’m sure Barack wishes he could put into a container with all his other siblings and ship somewhere far away.



Please read the op-ed piece that I co-wrote with John Arquilla of the Naval Post-graduate College on the war in Iraq. It appears in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.The Best Thing That Could Happen in IraqJohn Arquilla – Todd Feinburg The “October Surprise” is a time-honored tradition in election-yearpolitics. This time around, bombing Iran would be […]

This story is in today’s Chicago Sun-Times, accusing Michelle and David Axelrod of being involved with a program that shuffles poor blacks away from health care so doctors can focus on more lucrative patients.U. of C. shunning poor patients? HOSPITAL DISPUTE Obama’s wife, 3 aides tied to plan to free up space BY TIM NOVAK […]