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The Film. Michelle loved her Daddy. Barack says he liked him too. Mom – we raised Craig and Michelle to go to college, but we teased them that they’d better come back to the neighborhood. At first, Michelle worked at a big law firm. That’s where she met Barack. She figured he was weird, because […]

Prime Time


They’ve saved prime time – 10pm on – when the alphabet networks pick up coverage – for Michelle Obama. This is important – they want to introduce her as Donna Reed to Americans who haven’t met her yet. They want to make it harder to pin an anti-American label on her. Here’s part of the […]

Kennedy Night


The major networks aren’t going to convention coverage until 10pm tonight, but here it is 9:15, and Caroline is already putting the Kennedy hustle on the unsuspecting masses (who happen to be watching Fox or CNN.) I wonder why they wouldn’t have waited until 10pm to lay on the Camelot. “Now it is my honor […]

Here are the Democrats with insight in Denver – the ones who realize that Barack Obama is no more an anti-war candidate than is John McCain. Don’t you find it isnpiring the way Barack has brought so many fine young people into the process?

Big Tent


Wonder what’s bothering Democrats who can’t let go of Hillary? Listen to Democratic delegate Debra Bartoshevich of Wisconsin, who has been blocked from the convention in Denver, and lost her delegate status, because she’s supporting McCain. This is the party that believes so deeply in making every vote count.

Eager to put the baton of Camelot into the floundering hand of Barack Obama, Democrats will parade the ailing Ted Kennedy in front of the convention two ways tonight. DENVER – U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, a liberal icon who is battling brain cancer, was in Denver on Monday and may deliver a speech at the […]