Meet the Obamas


I missed it, but Jake Tapper stayed up late enough to see James Carville on CNN, who nailed what was wrong with the convention on night one. It was Meet the Obamas, without having any overriding message. Carville wanted to hear about things that make Americans unhappy. Like George Bush.

“I mean we are a country that’s borderline recession, 85% 80% wrong track country, people, health care, energy, I haven’t heard anything about gas prices, I mean maybe we are going to look better Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but right now like I say we are playing hide the message pretty good.”

This was CNN, with Anderson Cooper hosting.

“David Gergen said this a short time ago, that in the first two hours what is the message?” said Cooper.

Carville was frustrated.

“And you know what? David didn’t get to where he was in life because he’s stupid. He was exactly right. I look at this and I am about to jump out of my chair…There’s no message coming out of here, there is no sense that the party has a sense of urgency, and we’ve only got four nights this is 25% of the whole thing.”

One night of empty introductions is over. Tonight, Hillary takes center stage.

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