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Was Barack telling the truth when he created the impression that former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was a casual acquaintance, nothing more? “This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who’s a professor of English in Chicago who I know…” If there’s nothing wrong with their relationship, why not tell the truth? Rick Moran […]

Sister Maya


I forgot all about Barack’s sister, Maya Soetoro. Did you see her?

Up with America


Dennis Kucinich gave a lively speech at the Denver convention. He looks like a bit of a dope, but at least there’s some fire.

Barack OBlunder


Susan Estrich writes today about the blunder that the convention has been, thus far, for Barack. Democrats might not be united behind Barack Obama, but they are certainly united in what they think about George Bush and the GOP. What Obama needed in this convention was an effective assault on George Bush and John McCain, […]

It’s over. Time to let go of the fantasies of Democrats suddenly reversing themselves and nominating Hillary. Hillary has just moved to suspend the rules of the convention, and to nominate by acclamation, Barack Obama. With Nancy Pelosi at the podium, and the crowd chanting, “Hill-a-ry, Hill-a-ry,” she took a voice vote and the convention […]

Your Ears


Apparently, they’re not feeling at all self-conscious at Obama Headquarters, as on Thursday Night, Barack will ascend to the throne. Is it a Greek Temple, or Roman? McCain is mocking,because this is where The Chosen One will receive his coronation tomorrow night. Who can stand the wait? A leaked portion of Barack’s acceptance speech reveals […]

Did you happen to notice that, during Hillary’s speech last night, whenever the shot would cut to Bill Clinton, he was mouthing the words, “I Love You.” If, by any chance, you are privy to who he was addressing those comments to, please send me a note at Thanks.



Hillary is proud of many things at the start of her speech. She’s a proud Democrat, a proud mother, etc. But guess who she leaves out?

Hillary played it beautifully last night – she did everything she could for Barack. As a result, Barack suffers. This was the delightful situation in which she found herself. …last night she hit all the right notes, delivering a speech remarkably free of any sense of defeat, self-pity or what-might-have-beens. She thanked the 18 million […]

Hillary Video


Here’s the video shown last night to introduce Hillary. A proper video, unlike the Obama piece the night before, filled with inspiration, history and purpose. It places Hillary at the head of the movement for equality for women, taking her ambition and wrapping it in the attractive paper of serving others. On a smaller level, […]



My old WRKO producer Cooksey is at the convention, and is blogging. It’s worth reading his assessment of party unity as he took the pulse of those leaving the Pepsi Center after Hillary’s speech. Today in Denver there was a march of well over a thousand Hillary supporters, who call themselves “18 million voices”. They […]

How’d She Do?