Obamapalooza is off and running at Rezko Field. Lots of people have been waiting for hours to hear people sing.

Stevie Wonder is performing. He says he loves us.

Earlier, I think it was the woman who used to be married to Lance Armstrong who played. She doesn’t love us. At least, if she does, she didn’t mention it.

Barack’s set looks alot like the exterior wall of the Oval Office, if I’m not imagining things.

Al Gore is being introduced – I hope he’s not going to sing. His talking is bad enough.

Al’s not singing – instead, he’s doing a stiff imitation of himself, slipping into a small guttural thing from time to time. He’s speaking way too fast – like he has a convoy of SUV’s waiting to take him to the private jet, with the engines running. Come to think of it, that wouldn’t worry him.

Things would have been different if Al had won, he says. He’s been talking for about two minutes, and he’s already talking about sexual orientation. He’s right, things would have been different.

Al just made a joke about recycling. I don’t think that’s appropriate.

Barack is not doing better in the polls, Al says, because people fear the change he represents. Maybe tonight Barack will tell us exactly what that is.

Sea levels are rising, says Al, who’s getting excited. He loves talking about Armageddon. (Maybe it’s really Reverend Wright in a Gore mask.) Massive waves of climate refugees are coming as a result of global warming, he warns. Funny, I watched the weather on the 6 o’clock news, extensive computer graphics and all, and they didn’t show up on the radar.

He’s talking about it being time for a change. He’s still in a hurry – apparently he wants this change to come quickly. Or, nature calls, perhaps?

Al’s making the point about this election isn’t actually close – among younger voters. Kids with no experience in life, raised in the padded wall environs of America’s suburbs, getting drunk and getting high, choose a candidate because they feel inspired, and we’re supposed to get excited? Al’s proud of the fact that you have to be immature to fall for the Hope and Change pitch.

He’s talking about the civil war era now, and Abe Lincoln. He’s misrepresenting Abe’s experience, and creating the false impression that Barack’s anti-war inactivism can be compared to Abe’s passionate anti-war stance when he was a member of congress. Abe became a national joke he so vociferously attacked President Polk’s stance on the Mexican-American War.

This is one of the most bizarre deliveries of a speech I’ve heard. He’s still running at 100 miles an hour. Slow down Al.

No. Better yet, hurry up.

He’s back to gutturals. I think that means he’s wrapping up. More emotion is how we’re supposed to interpret it.

“When you pray, move your feet,” quotes Al. All of sudden, Democrats are obsessed with the religion that they’ve always been so contemptuous of. Okay. Let’s see – pray, move your feet. I’m dancing around the living room praying for Al to move to France.

Michael MacDonald is doing America the Beautiful. Indredible how inspiring the delivery of a seasoned performer can be. Wait a sec! I thought it was time for change. Why all these singers with… experience?

Al’s done, praise the Lord. He’s off to the SUV’s to be whisked away to save the planet private jet. Look – up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… CO2 Man!!!!

Dwight Eisenhower granddaughter – or something similar – is speaking. Apparently, she doesn’t know about Global Warming or Love, because she hasn’t mentioned either. It must be cold in Denver, because she’s talking really fast too. Maybe it’s the thin air.

She thinks Barack has the temperament to be president.

“Yes We Can,” she says.

But David Gergen on CNN says there’s too much music. He wants more substance. And he’s wondering why both Suzie Eisenhower and Al Gore went back to Lincoln to frame their conversations, rather than MLK. While I understand how he feels about the music, I don’t understand his desire for more Suzie and Al style speeches.

Joe Biden is out on stage – unexpected. But a good choice to introduce Barack. But he’s doing the populist thing again. Last night was enough. Struggling. Mothers. Children.

Oh no. Is he introducing a video? He says we’re going to hear from people Barack’s been listening to. Oh, I see. He must mean that Reverend Wright is going to speak.

They’re announcing that McCain is not going to announce his VP pick tonight because “This is Obama’s night.” Nice media manipulation on McCain’s part. He had us all thinking something good was going to happen tonight.

I’m too tired for this – got up at 2:30 to do radio. I’ll do Barack’s speech on DVR.

One Response to “Obama-palooza”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Loved your take on this fiasco…I laughed out loud. Thank you. Is it just my mind playing dirty tricks on me, but when I saw the Obama/Biden signs, I really thought I read Osama Bin Laden. I’m not trying to make light of this, this is how I immediately interpreted it.

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