Central Casting


An impressive first shot at Sarah Palin, who seems about as perfect a candidate as one can imagine, but for her lack of experience. Her resume is better than Barack’s, though, so any attacks on her experience will only force a closer look at Barack’s lack of qualifications for President.

After all, Palin is going for the second position, and she has management experience. Barack’s never run anything, and rather than serve in the U.S. Senate he left the people of Illinois unrepresented as soon as he arrived in Washington so he could seek the presidency.

Her speech today was a fine one – on first glance a powerful addition to the McCain campaign that must have the Obama folks reeling.

But here’s the contrast where Barack really suffers. He’s an ideas guy – a philosopher/poet who captures the imagination, but shows no interest in actually doing anything to achieve change. Palin’s story is the opposite – a woman who in her gut is offended by mismanagement and corruption, and steps outside of life as a normal American to fight to fix what’s broken.

A thinker vs. a doer. It’s a good story line for the GOP to emphasize.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that the Obama campaign misfired in its first response, sending off an email attacking Palin’s lack of experience. In the second missive, they applauded the breaking of barriers.

One Response to “Central Casting”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Wow, she seems almost too good
    to be true. I was very impressed with her speech. She was very composed. Most of all, she is a citizen of the US who LOVES her country, is very patriotic and wears the American flag pin proud. God bless her son who serves, and all of our women and men who proudly serve our country.

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