Sherlock Says….


Fox News is still talking about a small private plane that landed in Middletown, Ohio last night, perhaps carrying the Governor of Alaska and a child. But the story has expanded into a two plane scenario.

The first plane left Anchorage two days ago, landing in Flagstaff Arizona before proceeding to Ohio and landing around 7pm last night. A second private plane, now on the runway in Ohio, came in at 10pm after originating in Anchorage.

Romney and Pawlenty have said that they’re not the guy. And Huckabee said this yesterday:

There are reports that I’m on my way to Dayton tonight. Not true. Wasn’t invited to be there and any reports that I’m going to be there are a big surprise to me. I have never been contacted by the McCain campaign at any point about the VP slot. I have never been asked for any information, background, etc., so as I have said repeatedly in interviews, I didn’t consider myself to be under any consideration.

Sarah Palin dramatically changes this race, and creates a new storyline that steals the spotlight from Barack. This is particulary important as McCain faces the real possibility that his convention week will be ruined by Hurricane Gustav.


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