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Sarah Smile


Now there are two polls out showing that Barack’s bounce is gone. Earlier Sunday afternoon, the Zogby poll gave McCain a 2 point lead, and now the CNN/Opinion Research poll, released Sunday evening, confirms that Barack’s ride was a short one. With a survey of voters taken Friday through today, the results show that 49 […]

John McCain’s convention being blown out by a hurricane could be a disaster for his candidacy. Prediction: I think the storm coinciding with the Republican Convention will ultimately lead to an advantage for John McCain. Warning to Michael Moore (and other McCain haters): Be careful what you wish for. “I was just thinking, this Gustav […]



Almost everyone I’ve spoken with who isn’t rooting for Barack is thrilled with the VP choice of Sarah Palin. Now the polls are proving the brilliance of the move. First, the new Zogby poll, begun on Friday after Palin was named and finished this morning, shows McCain leading by 2%. McCain/Palin at 47%, compared to […]

Finally, analysis of the Palin selection that shows some insight.

It’s what they call a nervous laugh. Asked at a press conference Saturday night to respond to McCain’s argument that Palin has more executive experience than the Democratic ticket, Obama and Biden laughed. Obama gets this totally wrong! “I think you guys can take a look at Gov. Palin’s record, Joe Biden’s record and make […]

How Dare They!


How can those who are supposed to be savvy about politics argue that McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin takes experience off the table as an argument against Barack? Here’s the interesting tactical reality – Sarah Palin is brilliant as a choice for VP because she puts experience on the table. Let the whole country start […]