Almost everyone I’ve spoken with who isn’t rooting for Barack is thrilled with the VP choice of Sarah Palin. Now the polls are proving the brilliance of the move.

First, the new Zogby poll, begun on Friday after Palin was named and finished this morning, shows McCain leading by 2%.

McCain/Palin at 47%, compared to 45% support for Obama/Biden.

And the two daily tracking polls have started to shift toward McCain. Gallup had Barack up 8% after his convention bump – that’s now down to 6%. And Rasmussen has dropped from a 4 point lead for Obama to 3%. The downward trends are the result of the Saturday polling, just one third of the results in a three day poll. But the news inside the Rasmussen poll is the most telling.

Today’s numbers show a one-point improvement for McCain, but Obama still leads 47% to 44%. When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 49%, McCain 46% (see recent daily results). Obama is now viewed favorably by 57% of the nation’s voters, McCain by 56%.

No difference in favorability after Barack’s big speech is huge – but check this out!

There have been significant changes in perception of John McCain in the two days of polling since he named Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Since then, 49% of Republicans voice a Very Favorable opinion of McCain. That’s up six percentage points from 43% just before the announcement. Also, 64% of unaffiliated voters now give positive reviews to McCain, up ten points since naming his running mate.

Independent voters are going to decide the election, so a ten point move is striking.

There has been little change in perceptions of Obama since his Thursday night speech….

We have to assume that Barack would have received a good bump from his speech, the convention climax, had the McCain campaign not managed its VP announcment so masterfully, and if not for the excitement created by its selection.

Palin herself made a good first impression and is now viewed favorably by 53% of voters nationwide. Her counterpart, Joe Biden, is viewed favorably by 48%.

Palin is what we call a game-changer.


One Response to “Brilliant”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    The Palin pick by McCain was clearly an attempt to pander to conservatives!

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