Defining Moment


Sarah Palin’s incredible journey from PTA to VP hits its critical juncture tonight, as the nominee for VP speaks to a nationwide audience. The media needs to be calmed from its ruthless desire to play gotcha, and tonight’s speech is the chance for America to fall so in love with her that breathless, yet silly, “revelations” can be left behind.

This morning on Good Morning America, for example, ABC rolled out investigative reporter Brian Ross to reveal an exclusive – well-known news that Sarah Palin fired the chief of police in Wasilla when she took office in the 1990’s. The firing was challenged, but the court ruled Palin to be fully within her rights to fire him for whatever reason she deemed worthy.

Also revealed on TV this morning was video of Palin talking about her son’s deployment to Iraq, and her desire that he should be going on a mission from God. Uneventful video offered with breathless anchor excitement, a good news piece of video for McCain, but swallowed by an eager media feeding frenzy and exreted into campaign discourse as if a pearl.

Tonight is the night that Palin controls – and it is the night that will set the course for the McCain candidacy. If she steals the show, she secures the election for McCain/Palin. If she falters, the media keeps the conversation going as if McCain has blundered, shown poor judgment, and allows Barack to shift the conversation away from the experience question, a debate which he loses.

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