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The three day Gallup tracking poll has tightened up considerably since the start of the Republican convention, with Barack now showing just a 2 point lead over McCain – 47% to 45%. Obama had led McCain by as much as eight percentage points in recent days, both during and immediately after the Democratic National Convention […]

I’m having fun on YouTube today. For Democrats who have blinders on regarding the enormous deception committed by Barack on primary voters, watch his before and after responses on his Iraq withdrawal position. In the first clip, he is asked if he will affirm what his campaign manager says his Iraq strategy is – unequivacle […]

It is fascinating to see just how wrong the Democrats were on the war in Iraq – even just months ago! Here’s another debate flashback, one that makes it clear just how much they were responding to polls, rather than principles, in making their points.



It’s never too early for nostalgia, and since this campaign’s been going on for a couple of years, there’s much that we’ve forgotten about already. Many thanks to our friends at the real barack obama for offering up this flashback of Hillary and Barack doing battle in January. As you watch, smile over the thought […]

The Mayor of Detroit is going off to prison for a host of transgressions surrounding his desire to keep his affair with an underling quiet. Could this hurt Barack? Long before sex, lies and texting caused Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to plead guilty to two felonies and resign on Thursday, he and Barack Obama shared […]