Hitting Back


Boy, this new McCain campaign sure is a pleasure. Such tenacity in not letting Barack get away with the standard lines. In his continued celebration of the old kinda politics, it was reported yesterday that Barack was going after Sarah Palin for misrepresenting herself on earmarks. Sarah’s not going to stand for it.

Gov. Palin hit back at Sen. Obama during an evening rally in the Land of Enchantment Saturday, arguing that the Democrat is in no place to lecture her on federal earmark requests.

“Today our opponent brought up earmarks and frankly I was surprised that he raised the subject. I didn’t think he’d want to go there,” she said. “Our opponent has requested nearly one billion dollars in earmarks in just three years…about a million dollars for every working day. Just wait until President John McCain puts a stop to that.”

Since Obama is a traditional politician, he lies virtually everytime he opens his mouth. Might as well wack him when he does it.

The state of Alaska has also requested hundreds of millions of dollars during Palin’s first year as Governor but she noted today that she “cut back earmarks in our state” this past year.

Why didn’t Barack stick to his primary campaign theme of changing the way Washington does business. That’s an idea that Americans are receptive to.

“I’m ready to help John McCain end earmarks once and for all…eleventh hour, behind closed doors, no public scrutiny, the earmark system that is broken–we will end that,” she said.

Since converting to being a traditional politician, he’s opened the door for McCain/Palin to challenge him for rightful ownership of the “change” brand.

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