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Palin Power


The new ABC News/Washington Post poll only shows McCain with a 2% lead among likely voters (joining Gallup, Rasmussen and USA Today polls in putting McCain out in front), but the news is dramatic when you look inside the poll. McCain’s gains stem from his improved standing against Obama on the election’s core issues and […]

Power Play


Media bias has gotten so bad that now they’re complaining about it within the biased media. The liberal news channel MSNBC is taking Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews off as anchors of live political events in the wake of growing criticism of both commentators during the network’s coverage of the conventions. White House correspondent David […]

The Sarah Palin Effect? A convention bounce for McCain of as much as 13 points. Barack’s bounce averaged a little over 4 points. USA Today/Gallup – McCain up 10%Gallup Tracking – McCain up 5%Rasmussen – McCain up 1%ABC News/Wash Post 2% Jake Tapper reports on his ABC News Blog that: There are Obama supporters who […]

Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe says that Barack Obama can’t win the presidency. I agree with his reasoning, and have for a long time. Regardless of what polls show, Inhofe said, voters will have to ask themselves a question once they get behind the curtain in the voting booth on Election Day. “Do you really want […]

Charlie Gibson goes first. Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has agreed to sit down with ABC’s Charles Gibson later this week for her first television interview since John McCain chose her as his running mate more than a week ago. Gibson is a good way to roll out Palin. He’s push her, but not […]

The GOP convention was the launch pad that the McCain campaign had hoped for, fueled by the inclusion of Sarah Palin. A new USA/Today poll, conducted by Gallup, indicates a bump of about 11%. The Republican National Convention has given John McCain and his party a significant boost, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken over the […]