Palin Power


The new ABC News/Washington Post poll only shows McCain with a 2% lead among likely voters (joining Gallup, Rasmussen and USA Today polls in putting McCain out in front), but the news is dramatic when you look inside the poll.

McCain’s gains stem from his improved standing against Obama on the election’s core issues and a significant narrowing of the newly minted Democratic nominee’s advantage as the candidate better suited to shake up Washington.

Who is the “change” candidate now?

In previous surveys, white women gave Obama a clear edge on bringing change; now they divide 47 percent for McCain, 44 percent for Obama… Only four in 10 voters in the new poll said Obama has done enough to explain the “change” he promises; that’s down six points from before his convention.

The shift among white women is astounding!

White women have moved from 50-42 percent in Obama’s favor before the conventions to 53-41 percent for McCain now, a 20-point shift in the margin that’s one of the single biggest post-convention changes in voter preferences.

On the issues, voters are much more comfortable with John McCain than with Barack.

…on the dominant issue of the election, the economy, McCain has whittled Obama’s advantage to a mere five points, the smallest it’s been this year. McCain has a 17-point lead on which candidate can best handle an unexpected crisis and, for the first time, a double-digit advantage as the one more trusted on international affairs. McCain also has a 10-point lead on dealing with the war in Iraq, an issue that voters had been divided on since the outset of the campaign.

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