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Barack had best leave the lipstick jokes to the women. He got in a bit of trouble yesterday venturing into unfamiliar territory. The point Barack Obama was making today is that John McCain is not about change. Rather he and running mate Sarah Palin are about more of the same – no matter how they […]

Bounce Over


John McCain’s bounce is no longer rising. In today’s Gallup daily tracking poll, he’s up 5% again. And the Rasmussen daily tracker, the least bouncy poll, has gone from a 1% McCain lead to a tie. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows the race for the White House is tied once […]

23 Points


Catholic voters are good predictors of national elections, says George Stephanopoulos on the news tonight. He’s right. “The Catholic vote has been the classic swing vote in American presidential politics. In the last nine Presidential elections, the candidate who won the Catholic vote has won the popular vote nationwide. The latest ABC News poll shows […]

Is the possible Obama money miscalculation being exacerbated by overreaching in the number of states it wants to put into play. “One of our strategic goals here is to wake up on the morning of Nov. 4 with as many pathways to 270 electoral votes as possible,” David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager, recently told reporters. […]

More Numbers


CBS News has a poll out that shows McCain in a 2 point lead – reflecting the movement that other polls are showing as the post convention numbers continue coming in. Here’s the lineup: USA Today – McCain up 10%Gallup Tracking – McCain up 5%Rasmussen – McCain up 1%ABC News/Wash Post McCain up 2%CBS News […]

Remind me again: Why did Barack forgo public financing? Obama campaign officials had calculated that with its vaunted fund-raising machine, driven by both small contributors over the Internet and a powerful high-dollar donor network, it made more sense to forgo public financing so they could raise and spend unlimited sums. So why is the New […]