More Numbers


CBS News has a poll out that shows McCain in a 2 point lead – reflecting the movement that other polls are showing as the post convention numbers continue coming in. Here’s the lineup:

USA Today – McCain up 10%
Gallup Tracking – McCain up 5%
Rasmussen – McCain up 1%
ABC News/Wash Post McCain up 2%
CBS News – McCain up 2%

CBS analysis of its numbers is also similar to what other polls are showing.

Republican presidential nominee John McCain leads Democratic rival Barack Obama 46 percent to 44 percent in the latest CBS News poll, which was taken in the three days following the completion of the parties’ nominating conventions.

Palin’s favorable rating now stands at 44 percent, twice what it was immediately after her selection as McCain’s nominee. Biden’s favorable rating stands at 37 percent, identical to his pre-convention rating. Independents are more likely to have a favorable opinion of Palin (46 percent) than they are of Biden (31 percent).

McCain’s move ahead of Obama can be traced in part to movement among previously undecided voters. In this survey, CBS News re-interviewed respondents to a CBS News/New York Times poll taken in mid-August. While many previously undecided voters remain undecided, more of those re-interviewed have moved towards McCain than Obama.

Thanks in large part to the Palin selection, McCain has rallied his white evangelical supporters. The percentage of white evangelical McCain supporters re-interviewed for this survey who are enthusiastic about McCain has doubled to 48 percent from before the convention.

Nearly three in four former supporters of Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, now back Obama over McCain. In the August survey, a smaller percentage, 63 percent, backed the man who bested Clinton in the Democratic primaries.


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