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McCain’s View


John McCain went on The View Friday. I didn’t watch, but I thought you might want to.

In Their Heads


Can you believe how flustered the Democrats are? Harry Reid’s slip is only the latest sign. It was just last weekend that Barack referred to “My Muslim Faith.” Now, it’s “President McCain.” The slip came after (Reid) aggressively linked the Republican presidential nominee to the sitting President Bush, and suggested McCain would be a reckless […]

Texas Tea


More bad news for Barack. Not only is Sarah Palin sucking all the oxygen from the political marketplace, but Iraq has been getting better all the time, and now – horrors – the price of oil has lost about a third off its peak a couple of months ago. Oil dropped below $100 a barrel […]

Woman of Steel


I am more impressed than ever with Sarah Palin. I just watched Good Morning America on DVR, and they aired a different version of the interview that Sarah did with Charlie last night on World News. I was in shock! The editing was different, and the impression I got of Sarah was different. This chopping […]

Poll Update


All polls from the last couple of days show McCain leading a bit, but the numbers are small enough so you should think about this as a tied race. Rasmussen Tracking 09/09 – 09/11 3000 LV 48 45 McCain +3 Gallup Tracking 09/08 – 09/10 2718 RV 48 44 McCain +4 Hotline/FD Tracking 09/08 – […]

The job of the media in our society is an important one – it is expected to shine a light on government, forcing it to do the will of the people. Today, though, in the age of affluence, we are a people without a will. The newspapers go unread, the news departments have been merged […]

Would Charlie have asked Barack Obama the hubris question? While a certain level of hubris is arguably required for someone with experience only marginally better than Barack’s to run for VP, the question is one more appropriate for the inexperienced candidate seeking the top position.