In Their Heads


Can you believe how flustered the Democrats are?

Harry Reid’s slip is only the latest sign. It was just last weekend that Barack referred to “My Muslim Faith.” Now, it’s “President McCain.”

The slip came after (Reid) aggressively linked the Republican presidential nominee to the sitting President Bush, and suggested McCain would be a reckless commander in chief.

It’s the Sarah Effect. She’s got them flustered. And understanding that they’re going to lose.

“We live in a dangerous and unpredictable world,” Reid said in an address on the Senate floor. “Our dangerous world calls for leaders with sound judgment, not those with a temperament prone to recklessness. … Will we stick with the same failed, out-of-touch foreign policy of George Bush, Dick Cheney and John McCain, which military experts and countless authors call the worst foreign policy in our nation’s history?”

The attempts to link McCain with the existing leadership are sounding sort of shrill lately. Sarah has moved McCain beyond that vulnerability.

But then Reid got a bit ahead of himself, as he began to describe Obama’s foreign policy toward Al Qaeda in Pakistan.

President McCain even called the Obama approach naive,” Reid said.

President McCain. It has a nice ring to it… so nice, that even the Democratic leadership is getting used to it.

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