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Barack Obama raised wild amounts of money in August, even as the wheels were coming off of his campaign. Senator Barack Obama raised $66 million last month, aides said Sunday, the most prolific fund-raising month of his presidential candidacy but still just a baseline for what the Illinois Democrat has to raise every month to […]

Loose Change


One ticket talks about change, the other has a proven ability to deliver it. Once again, McCain/Palin proves itself to be the true change ticket, as it forces change on Barack Obama. As of this weekend, Barack no longer represents “Change We Can Believe In.” Barack Obama has suddenly changed his campaign slogan and signage […]

Fey Performance


It appears that Tina Fey will be a major beneficiary of Palin Fever. Sorry – NBC had Youtube pull down the actual performance.



One of the ads being run by Barack tries to marginalize McCain for his age (known as ageism in current vernacular) by pointing out that he doesn’t use a computer. This seems to be a mistake. The National Revew Online and other Republican-leaning websites said the charge was unfair, citing several articles, including stories several […]