Apple Crisp


Things got pretty nasty for the Hollywood elite partying with Barack last night. No way they would have put up with this if the party hadn’t been hosted by Streisand. In order not to offend the masses, the affair was deliberately tamped down, and was held in a drab Hollywood ranch.

The Greystone, a 55-room, Tudor-style mansion, sits atop a hill on 16 acres along Doheny Road in Beverly Hills. It is a popular site for shooting film and television scenes, with a winding driveway offering an expansive view of Los Angeles.

The meal was shocking – good thing half the people in the crowd are bolemic!. But they had to keep it simple – there are hungry people in this country, and no one cares more about them then the elite of the Democratic Party – especially Hollywood Dems! Barack or no, Streisand or no, its hard to imagine the creme de la creme of our nation eating like this!

Salad with goat cheese
roasted potatoes
filet of beef and asparagus.

Salad? You mean lettuce, like the kind Americans eat? With goat cheese, like they sell at the supermarket? And roasted potatoes? Asparagus!!! Don’t they know the potato and asparagus came from the ground and are consumed by middle America? They grew in DIRT!!!!

The biggest humiliation came with dessert.

Apple crisp and chocolate lava cake.

What are they, Pilgrims? Apple Crisp?

“Do you know who I am?”

Take a look at the entertainer who sang during dinner – it was gruesome!

I love thinking about this crowd being offered Apple Crisp! Leo DiCaprio wouldn’t order Apple Crisp if he wasn’t paying $128 a plate for it and it was sprinkled with gold flake!

Even before the likes of actors Jodie Foster, Will Ferrell and Leonardo DiCaprio paid tribute to Obama at the landmark Greystone Mansion — setting for numerous films, including “Ghostbusters” and “Air Force One” — the entertainment industry had given Obama more than $5.6 million, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

Ah, if only there was video of this event.

It was clear why Barack Obama’s campaign barred television crews from a Beverly Hills mansion at twilight Tuesday as the Democratic presidential nominee mingled with movie stars on a giant terrace overlooking Los Angeles.

The cocktail reception was part of Obama’s biggest night of Hollywood fundraising so far, an evening capped with a live performance by Barbra Streisand at the Regent Beverly Wilshire.

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