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Bill Says….


Bill Clinton on the presidential race. He articulates that the reason Obama is in the running for the presidency is because of GOP fatigue. The knee-jerk desire for change, Bill says, will decide things for Barack. But he thinks it will be a tight race until the last week. Also – he’s a Sarah Palin […]



Biden’s idea of patriotism is higher taxes. Sadly, I think alot of people buy into this. Joe Biden often says on the campaign trail that wealthy Americans who’ll have more taxes to pay under an Obama-Biden administration should pony up out of a sense of patriotism. He’s been talking this trash for a while, but […]

Good Advice


Here’s Michelle Obama’s argument about how people should decide who to vote for. If they follow her advice, most Barack supporters will have to switch to McCain.

Ugly Preachers


Some folks find this ugly preacher amusing, just because he’s a pro McCain bomb-thrower, instead of one of Obama’s bigots. I think it’s ugly drivel, to be shunned by one and all. Pastor James David Manning, PHD has asked his flock to pray for Senator John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin. Manning unleashed his venom […]

The polls are swinging back in Barack’s direction, as the Palin Effect gives way to the slap upside the head effect – a Wall Street Meltdown. Rasmussen Daily Tracking, the best of all, in my opinion, has the race a tie, and Battleground shows McCain up 2%, while Gallup has Barack up 2% as of […]

Finding Stride


This has been a bad week for John McCain. They should have been ready to deal with a news cycle that played to Barack’s advantage, but were apparently thrown of kilter by McCain’s statement Monday morning that the fundamentals of the economy were still strong. With this ad, they seem to have settled into a […]

For those of you who thought Obama was delivering a new kinda politics to America, here’s notice that he’ll be as ugly as necessary to win. Barack is running a spanish language ad that attacks McCain for being two-faced on illegal immigration. You can’t trust McCain’s Republican friends, it argues, using clips of Rush Limbaugh […]