Ugly Preachers


Some folks find this ugly preacher amusing, just because he’s a pro McCain bomb-thrower, instead of one of Obama’s bigots. I think it’s ugly drivel, to be shunned by one and all.

Pastor James David Manning, PHD has asked his flock to pray for Senator John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin. Manning unleashed his venom on the media for favoring Barack Obama over McCain and has accused the press of playing “favorites”.

Isn’t the point of the controversy over Reverends Wright and Pfleger that there’s something wrong with people who would associate with people like this?

Specifically, he goes on to blast them for reporting extensively on Palin’s 17-year old daughter for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

In his sermon, Manning had some very unkind comments directed at Barack Obama’s mother and the media in general.

Democrats make a big mistake by refusing to object to Barack’s close association, and worse, helping to cover up the truth of that association, with people who make money and gain power by stomping on the nerve of race. All of them should be scorned.

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