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He Will Barack You!

McCain has started to go after Barack for being a Chicago machine politician. This attack on his friends doesn’t mention the worst of them, other than Tony Rezko, but it does start down that important path. “Barack Obama,” an announcer intones, “born of the corrupt Chicago political machine.” The ad quotes Obama saying, “In terms […]

Dirty Tracks


Barack’s image will suffer gravely once his questionable associations become more widely known. The Obamafia – Wright, Pfleger, Rezko, Ayers, etc – call into question Barack’s judgment and his patriotism. Is someone trying to slander Sarah Palin to offer some protection to Barack – making it seem that she’s unpatriotic so when he is attacked, […]

Debate Week


This is a big week in the presidential race, as debates kick off Friday night. A single moment of a single debate can create a defining moment – something that John McCain has to be careful about. There are more subtle pitfalls that Barack is more likely to succumb to – will he come across […]



Controversial skit on SNL this weekend shows the liberal attitude toward Alaska and bitter Americans, suggesting that Todd Palin had sex with his daughters. Would they dare do a similar sketch on Barack?

Beautiful Music


Anybody can get thousands of college kids to show up for live music and a political speech. Try doing it with senior citizens. In the hot Florida sun! That’s something only Sarah Palin can do. The crowd endured hours in the sweltering heat for the sight of the dynamic newcomer to national politics. A new […]