Dirty Tracks


Barack’s image will suffer gravely once his questionable associations become more widely known. The Obamafia – Wright, Pfleger, Rezko, Ayers, etc – call into question Barack’s judgment and his patriotism.

Is someone trying to slander Sarah Palin to offer some protection to Barack – making it seem that she’s unpatriotic so when he is attacked, those attacks will be discarded by voters as more of the same?

I’m not sure why it would be such a big deal if Sarah had been a member of the party back when she was 30, but it would be a big deal if someone was trying to make it look like she was when she wasn’t. This ad, also, seems without impact.

But the question remains, what was Sarah’s affiliation with the party, and should we care.

CBS News has a story that says her husband was a member for some years:

From 1994 to 2002, records show, he was a registered member of the Alaskan Independence Party, whose primary aim is to seek a vote on whether Alaska should remain a state.

AIP officials say Palin’s involvement was limited to attendance at the party’s 1994 convention in Wasilla. Doyle Holmes, a hardware store owner who co-chaired the party in 1994, said the convention featured the usual debate over how explicitly to present the independence plank, but he could not recall Palin taking a strong stand. “There’s one group that wants [secession] left in the platform and another that wants to tone it down a bit,” he said. “Things can get pretty hot.”

The Jawa Report has investigated extensively whether the above web ad was secretly created and posted by Democratic Activists.

Sometimes rumors and lies get spread organically with no need from direction. But sometimes what may seem to be an organic bottom up grassroots movement, may actually be led from the top and may be professionally organized.

We believe at least one such campaign to discredit Sarah Palin is currently underway. It seems highly likely that others are as well. We’ve done the initial work, but now it’s time for the professionals to take over and ask the tough questions.

Jake Tapper reported on his ABC News blog a couple of weeks back that Sarah has never been registered as anything other than a Republican.

Gail Fenumiai, director of the Alaska Division of Elections, tells ABC News that regardless of the impression given to members of the Alaskan Independence Party, “Gov. Sarah Palin first registered to vote in the state in May 1982 as a Republican, and she has not changed her party affiliate with the Division of Elections since that time.”

Sarah would have been 18 in 1982, so that date makes sense. The welcome to the Alaska Independence Party in the above video was reportedly recorded as a greeting to convention goers – the sort of PR thing that governors do to promote convention business.

All in a day’s work in the fight for power in America.

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