Debate Debate


The economy is clearly working in Barack’s factor, with McCain’s challenge now being to attempt to shift the economic conversation back in his favor. Perhaps the pressure of the vote on a Wall Street bailout gives him the opportunity. This afternoon, in an effort to seize control, McCain has called for a postponement of the first debate scheduled for this Friday night in order to focus on the bailout, which is not likely to be completed for a few days.

McCain, speaking to reporters in New York, said he will return to Washington tomorrow and won’t travel to Mississippi, where the debate was scheduled to take place on Sept. 26.

The Republican presidential candidate called on President George W. Bush to convene a meeting of congressional leaders to negotiate a remedy to the financial crisis.

Democratic candidate Barack Obama didn’t immediately respond to McCain’s comments.

Yesterday, the two candidates were sounding like partners rather than opponents.

In the meantime, the polls have shifted, almost unanimously, in Barack’s direction.

FOX News 09/22 – 09/23 900 RV 45 39 Obama +6
Gallup Tracking 09/21 – 09/23 2740 RV 47 44 Obama +3
Rasmussen Tracking 09/21 – 09/23 3000 LV 49 47 Obama +2
Hotline/FD Tracking 09/21 – 09/23 903 RV 48 42 Obama +6
ABC News/Wash Post 09/19 – 09/22 780 LV 52 43 Obama +9
Battleground Tracking 09/17 – 09/23 800 LV 46 48 McCain +2

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