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In addition to Gallup’s Daily Tracking poll showing the presidential race tied, a move from a 3 point Obama lead yesterday, Zobgy’s new poll shows that McCain has retaken the lead. McCain now leads Obama, 45.8% to 43.8%, the survey shows. The Horserace Sept. 23/25 Sept. 19/20 Obama 43.8% 46.8% McCain 45.8% 43.4% Not sure/Other […]

The Alternative


While Democrats are trying to make it look like John McCain somehow killed the administration’s Wall Street bailout proposal, it is House Republicans who are unhappy with the proposal. A group of conservative Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives offered a mortgage insurance plan on Thursday as an alternative to the Bush administration Wall […]

The Age Card


Suggesting that McCain is too old to be president, a new TV advertisement tries to scare voters away from him because of his bouts with Melanoma. ‘‘John McCain is 72 years old and had cancer 4 times,’’ the ad’s text says over a black-and-white image of McCain with the left side of his face bandaged […]



They met, they photo-oped, they failed. So far, no deal. The status of a rescue plan for the nation’s financial system was in doubt, at least for the moment, on Thursday as lawmakers emerged from a White House meeting with President Bush to say that negotiations have a ways to go. Looking tired and annoyed, […]



Gallup now shows the race between John McCain and Barack Obama as a tie. John McCain has gained ground and is now tied with Barack Obama among registered voters in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update for Sept. 22-24, with each candidate getting 46% support. Yesterday, Obama was up 3 points, so the loss […]



Meeting Over – And the deal is almost done. Confident but not yet celebrating, congressional leaders agreed Thursday on a multibillion-dollar bailout plan for Wall Street aimed at staving off a national economic catastrophe. President Bush brought the two men fighting to succeed him to a historic White House huddle on how to sell a […]

What is $700 billion worth? Here are some estimates from an article in The Progressive – which would love to see each of their comparative expenses government funded. • Covering health care costs plus out-of-pocket medical expenses for all of America’s uninsured: $100 billion • Universal preschool: $35 billion • Rebuilding New Orleans: $100 billion […]