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The Debate


Both candidates are doing well tonight. The attempt to deliberately misrepresent each other has been generally kept to a minimum, and they’ve spent some time discussing issues. While neither would say they entirely give up any of their proposals because ofthe cost of the bailout, McCain said he would be willing to consider a spendingfreeze […]



Todd is anchoring debate coverage this evening on WRKO Boston until midnite. Listen in at

Them Apples


The debate isn’t the big thing that came true. Word is there will be a bailout plan completed over the next few days. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Friday that negotiations over a proposed $700 billion Wall Street bailout plan is back on track and lawmakerswould work through the weekend to pass a […]



David Letterman’s lambasting of John McCain on Wednesday night is causing a ruckus at CBS. Seems Dave used “internal” CBS News video from Katie’s interview with McCain. showvideo(“NY%20Post”,”1458_386661″); McCain canceled his appearance on Letterman’s show late Wednesday, several hours before he was due to appear – claiming he had to return to Washington to deal […]



Yesterday the presidential race was a tie according to Gallup. Today, Barack’s pulled back into a 3 point lead. Rasmussen, which had Barack up 3% yesterday, now has him up 5%. It’s stunning to note how rapidly the dynamics of the campaign have changed. Two weeks ago, just before the Wall Street financial crunch became […]

Debate is On!


McCain has decided to take part in tonight’s debate. Why would he not? McCain has transformed a minority in both houses of Congress and a losing position in the polls into the key role in the bailout package, the main man around whom the final package will take shape. Dick Morris explains that the Democrats […]

There’s a debate tonight, John. With or without you. Obama says he’ll be there, and the commission says the forum will be held, with or without you. Jim Lehrer, the respected PBS journalist tapped to moderate the firstpresidential debate, has announced that the event’s designated focus on foreignpolicy will not preclude a discussion of the […]