The Debate


Both candidates are doing well tonight. The attempt to deliberately misrepresent each other has been generally kept to a minimum, and they’ve spent some time discussing issues.

While neither would say they entirely give up any of their proposals because of
the cost of the bailout, McCain said he would be willing to consider a spending
freeze for everything except defense, veterans’ care, and entitlements.
Obama opposed a general spending freeze, saying that some programs, such as children’s health care, are starved for cash.

It seems to me that expectations are low for McCain – he’s viewed as being a hothead, as likely to misspeak, as vulnerable to the failings of advanced age.

Obama continued trying to tie McCain to the unpopular president, saying that
McCain’s pledges to control spending and help middle-class families after
supporting Bush for eight years is “hard to swallow.”
McCain replied that he had bucked the president on torture, Guantanamo Bay, and other issues. “The American people know me very well, independent, the maverick of the Senate,” McCain said.

As a result of the low expectations, my impression is that McCain is coming out on top tonight. He is lucid, more to the point than Barack – very sharp in his presentation. His answer on Russia was delightfully rich with detail and understanding. Any concern of McCain being too old – a concern shared by 20% or so of the population, should largely be satisfied.

6 Responses to “The Debate”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama looks like a deer in a Mac truck’s headlights.

    -Joe from Brighton

  2. 2 Smooth Stone

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a monumental fraud.

  3. 3 Shawn

    They should ask Obama: “How many states are in the United States?”

  4. 4 Publius

    McCain was on target and sharp. He flustered Obama several times. Anyone that felt that McCain is “too old” should have been disabused of that notion tonight.

  5. 5 Anonymous

    Unlike others comments in this blog, I will stick to facts – McCain voted with W. Bush 90% of the time. Do you really want 4 more years of the same out-of- touch, polarizing, and dangerous policies?

    Not me…also, where is Palin tonight? I’ve seen Biden comment on the debate – clearly the conversatives are hiding her – maybe she’s attending Republican school. What a joke…

  6. 6 Anonymous

    Biden couldn’t keep his moronic mouth shut for one night? The grandfather of blah, blah, blah spoke?

    I’m shocked!

    -Joe from Brighton

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