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I agree with Noam Scheiber. I’d guess the CW will be that McCain won on points, with nothing close to a knockout, and I’d echo that judgment. McCain had Obama on the defensive over earmark requests and his $800 billion in new spending, then later on the surge and those rogue-leader meetings. Obama did do […]

Debate Numbers


Expectations went unmet Friday night, as the first McCain/Obama debate wasn’t as big of an audience draw as the first Bush/Kerry four years ago – but then again, their’s wasn’t on a Friday night. In the meter-market overnights, Friday night’s 90-minute debate in Mississippi received a preliminary household rating of 33.2, according to Nielsen Media […]

The Lonely One


I thought McCain did well last night. Glad I’m not the only one. It was one of the most substantive debates in recent presidential campaign history and John McCain won it. The Arizona senator was cool, informed and forceful in Friday’s first presidential debate of the general election campaign. He repeatedly put Barack Obama on […]

Slip Sliddin’


McCain’s attempt to rest control of the economy away from Barack hasn’t turned around his poll slide. It may have worked – he may now be linked more strongly to the Wall Street meltdown and attempts to cool it – but it may not be working to his benefit. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking […]

Missed Point


If the polls prove correct, Barack swayed Independents last night by being Mr. Congeniality. Why, then, would the McCain campaign not see that this video of Barack saying multiple times that McCain was right is a double edged sword. The McCain campaign is at risk, I think, of relying too much on campaign craft, as […]

Barack Won?


Was McCain disrespectful of Obama during last night’s debate? Post-debate polls indicate that more people think Barack won the debate. The thought of this makes me sick. CBS Insta Poll shows Barack Obama won 39% to John McCain‘s 25% with 36% saying the debate was a draw. Insider Advantage reports those polled Obama won 42% […]