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Liberals programming the children. Very reminiscent of communist China and Russia footage we’ve seen through the years.

One of the great benefits of the Obama candidacy has been the exposure of Democrats as purveyors of bigotry. They’ve had America snookered for a long time with all their talk about celebrating diversity. But they couldn’t handle having a woman running, they attacked the exposure of Barack’s racist buddies in the black church, and […]

Slide Over


It appears that the debate Friday night, which many observers thought Barack had won, did nothing to change to race, or perhaps moved it towards McCain. Both daily tracking polls now show that McCain’s slide in the polls, which began when the Wall Street crisis began, is over. Barack’s 8 point lead from yesterday has […]

A good performance Thursday night will put all this to rest.

Faux Leadership


As has been the case throughout his career, Barack Obama has ducked the opportunity to lead on the biggest issue of the day. For example, Obama and his wife, Michelle, were among thousands attending the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation‘s annual awards dinner at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. He hailed the caucus, founded nearly […]

McCain and Palin sat down with Katie Couric and addressed the controversy over Palin’s remarks about Pakistan. I don’t know why they’re elevating this by complaining about ‘gotcha’ journalism. We regularly cross the border in hot pursuit of terrorists, and that’s all Palin said. Back in August of 2007, Barack created his own Pakistan controversy: […]

A Real Lemon


What faith Americans have in our country. A deep trust that no matter what happens, our nation will always prosper. We are utterly confident in the future – or, at least, in our own ability to manage it. Consider the rejection yesterday of the bailout. …a majority of those politicians anointed by the U.S. Constitution […]

Sea Legs


What does Sarah need to get her confidence back in advance of Thursday’s debate? Most of the answers are ‘should have’ options, with the time well past for implementation. But Laura Ingraham was asking yesterday why she’s being kept from her friends in conservative talk radio. Could there be a more natural place for her […]