No We Can’t


I don’t see why it matters much even if VP debate moderator Gwen Ifill’s book is a celebration of the wonder of Barack. She’s from PBS, so we weren’t expecting her to be other than highly supportive of the Democratic ticket.

The McCain camp is claiming it didn’t know about Gwen Ifill’s book prior to agreeing to her as moderator for the VP debate.

Democrats, who don’t see skin color, are orgasmic over Barack because he is black.

If that’s true, it just shows the McCain campaign’s incompetence. The debate moderators were agreed to on August 6. Ifill’s book was reported in the Associated Press two weeks earlier.

The same thing happened in Massachusetts two years ago, where we elected a disaster of a governor, in part, because he is black. Deval Patrick, who I believe has given up on any ideas of running for a second term, seems to be counting on being brought to Washington in an Obama administration. The idea that that he is also to be featured in Ifill’s book lends a comical air to the tomb long before its release.

We’ve been around the block on this hope and change nonsense in Massachusetts. And we know that the purveyors of hope being inexperienced, or black, doesn’t help them do job they’re unqualified for.

2 Responses to “No We Can’t”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    I’m from MA and Obama and Patrick are cut from the sames cloth. Their slogans are similar- Together We Can and Yes We Can. They both come from the Chicago area. Both wrote books about themselves, both went to Harvard and both are lawyers. Patrick has run to Obama’s side many times during Obama’s campaigning.
    Patrick is the worst governor I’ve experienced in my life time. He is bringing the state to bankruptcy with his increased salaries to himself and his minions. He is short-tempered, stubborn and never thinks he’s wrong, and I see these same traits in Obama. He has not lowered property taxes as promised. Patrick is a disaster. He claims he will never leave MA if Obama becomes the next president, but I’m having a hard time believing that. It would be nice to be rid of him, but not through the defeat of McCain.

  2. 2 Yankeegal

    Remember how Deval promised property tax relief? Seen any? Sounds a lot like Obama’s promises..
    Both are Chicago goons…

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